Alberta Vital Statistics maintains a record of all marriages that occur in Alberta and can only issue certificates for events that have taken place in Alberta. A Marriage certificate may be ordered at a registry office, after the marriage ceremony has taken place and a 3-4 week period has passed, if you wish to obtain a copy of the certificate. Marriage certificates are not automatically issued to couples getting married in Alberta. The Marriage certificate is issued based on the information from the original registration of marriage.

There are three types of certificates available:

  • Small Certificate:
    • This certificate is wallet sized.
    • Shows the bride and grooms names as well as where and when the marriage took place as well as the registration number.
  • Large Certificate:
    • This certificate is about half a page in size.
    • Shows the bride and grooms names, birth places, date and place of marriage as well as the registration number.
  • Certified Copy of Registration:
    • This is a copy of the document that you signed when the marriage took place.

Marriage Certificate Application:

The certificate can be ordered by either party that took part in the marriage (bride or groom).

  • You require Valid photo ID and the Completed application
  • Commonly takes 3-4 weeks after the marriage takes place for the certificate to become available.

Marriage Search Letter:

Anyone can order a marriage search letter on behalf of anyone.

  • You require valid photo ID and the completed application
  • If there was a marriage in the period that was requested the search letter will only confirm that a marriage took place and not the specific marriage information.

Certificates or search letters ordered and sent to our office often arrive within 2-4 business days **search letters may take longer**. If the certificate is mailed directly to you it can take up to 3 weeks to come in the mail.

If there are discrepancies between the information you provide and the vital statistics record, amendment forms will be sent to you by Vital Statistics, by mail, directly to your address. These documents can take 3-6 weeks to be sent to you and will delay the certificates from being printed until the necessary steps take place to amend the document.

Note:  To download PDF documents, right-click and select ‘save as’ and save to your computer. PDF documents must be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader, not in your browser.