Alberta Vital Statistics maintains and keeps record of all deaths that take place within Alberta. They are only authorized to issue certificates for events that have taken place in Alberta. If you require a copy of a death certificate from somewhere other than Alberta you will have to contact that jurisdiction directly.

If the record you are looking for cannot be found an automatic 3 year search is carried out.

Types of Certificate:

  • Death Certificate – Contains the deceased’s name, sex, age, date of death, place of death, marital status, usual residence, registration number, registration date and the date of issue
  • Medical Death Certificate – a copy of the medical death certificate signed by the attending physician or medical examiner
  • Photocopy of Registration – a photo copy of the original registration of death
  • Search Letter – will state whether or not a death is registered, no other details will be provided.

To Apply:

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. The deceased person’s executor, personal representative or estate administrator.
  2. An Adult Next of Kin of the deceased person.
  3. A person who was the Guardian of the deceased person just before the death as established by court documents or legislation.
  4. A person who was the Trustee of the deceased person just before the death or is the Trustee of the deceased’s estate as established by court documents or legislation.
  5. An individual who has an Alberta Court Order that states he/she may make an application for a particular certificate/certified copy of a Registration of Death.
  6. A person who was a Joint Tenant with the deceased just before the death.
  7. A Designated Agent on behalf of an eligible applicant #1 to #4.
  8. An Adult Relative
    • Can only apply if there is no one to apply under #1,3, or 5 and there is no one living under #2
  9. A Lawyer acting on behalf of any of the above eligible applicants #1 to #6 or #8, when obtaining the death record is required as part of the service the lawyer is providing.

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