Vehicle Registration

Vehicle RegistrationVehicle First

New vehicle (bought in Alberta) you MUST bring the following into the office:

  • If ownership is in more than one persons name, all parties need to come in & sign registration documents
  • MVIS – must be original if dealership can’t provide an original copy of the Factory Invoice is accepted in it’s place
  • Bill Of Sale – must be signed by both the buyer and seller
  • To get an out of province inspection, you also need the import form (if vehicle is coming from the states), and a drivers license is needed.
  • Current Insurance
  • Drivers License

Used vehicle (bought in Alberta) you MUST bring the following into the office:

  • Bill of Sale – must be signed by both the buyer and seller       
  • Current Insurance
  • Drivers License

New or used vehicle from outside of Alberta you MUST bring the following into the office:

  • Ownership
  • Current Alberta or Inter-Province Insurance
  • Drivers License
  • Out of Province Inspection Form

Vehicle Renewals

  • Bring renewal notice, if the notice is lost bring in Alberta Drivers License
  • Must bring CURRENT Alberta Insurance

To get the Out of Province Inspection Request Form you must first bring in your ownership, we will then issue the form that must be brought into a inspection shop to be inspected. When the inspection has been completed the form is only good for 14 days, before the 14 days the form must be brought into our office to be registered into the computer.

Veteran/Antique Plate and Renewal

Veterans’ Licence Plates are issued to Alberta residents who are Veterans or current members of the Canadian Forces including Reserve Forces. An application for a Veterans’ License Plate can be obtain from:

Alberta/NWT Command Veterans’ Plate
The Royal Canadian Legion
2020 15th Street NW
Calgary, Alberta T2M 3N8

To register for a Veterans plate you must provide:

  • Your original application form
  • Acceptable Identification
  • Proof of Ownership
  • Proof of Current Insurance

Antique Plates

Antique plates are issued to vehicles at least 25 years old and only operate as a collector’s item in exhibitions, club activities, parades and transportation to and from these activities. Antique vehicles are registered with an permanent plates and registration. Dual registration is available.

In order to register your vehicle with an antique plate we will need you to provide:

  • Proof of Ownership
  • Proof of Valid Insurance
  • Drivers License

Fleet Registration

To qualify for the Permanent Fleet Program, you must have 10 or more commercial vehicles registered at all times within a fleet.

  • Have the option to register/renew your vehicles quarterly, semi-annually or annually.
  • All Fleets expire at the end of December every year.
  • All fleet vehicles receive a permanent black fleet tab for their License Plates. They also receive a continuous registration slip.
  • Discount service fees.

For more information about Fleet Registration please contact us at 403-299-2373