Applying for a learner’s license:

  • Testing Hours are 8:30am-4pm Monday-Friday
  • Walk-in service, no appointments
  • Testing languages are:
o        Englisho        Simplified Chineseo        Arabico        Somali
o        Traditional Chineseo        Creeo        Farsio        Thai
o        Frencho        Dutcho        Hindio        Ukrainian
o        Punjabio        Germano        Spanisho        Urdu
o        Tagalogo        Italiano        Vietnameseo        Portuguese
o        Amharico        Koreano        Oromoo        Russian
o        Polish 

Requirements to write a learner’s test:

  • Proof of entitlement – valid Canadian Passport, Canadian Birth Certificate, Indian Status Card, Work/Study Permit, Permanent Resident Document/Card, Canadian Citizenship Document/Card
  • Secondary piece of ID – Alberta Health Card, Valid Passport, Permanent Resident Card, Nexus Card, Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Alberta Address – Something that shows your current address, name, and a date.
  • If you are under 18 and are unable to provide proof of address your parents can prove it on your behalf with one of the above documents, a valid Alberta ID Card or license.
  • If you possess a valid Alberta ID card and wish to re-class to an Alberta class 7 learners license you require the ID card as well as a secondary piece of ID.
  • If you are under 18 your parent/guardian is required to come with you to give consent.
  • If you have a medical condition that may affect driving you will require a medical report before the license can be issued.

Expired ID is not accepted

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