Alberta Identification Card

  • To be eligible to receive an Alberta Identification Card you must not be in possession of an Alberta driver’s license, you must be a resident of Alberta, be 12 years of age or over, and you must provide the following:

      • Proof of your Legal Entitlement – Valid Canadian Passport, Canadian Birth Certificate, Indian Status Card, Work/Study Permit, Permanent Resident Document/Card, Canadian Citizenship Document/Card.
      • Secondary piece of ID – Alberta Health Card, Valid Passport, Permanent Resident Card, Nexus Card, Birth Certificate
      • Proof of Residence – Alberta Residency List (PDF)
      • Parent/Guardian must accompany a minor to give consent.

*Expired ID is not accepted

Note:  To download PDF documents, right-click and select ‘save as’ and save to your computer. PDF documents must be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader, not in your browser.