Disabled Placards

Disabled PlacardsWho can apply:

Individuals may apply for one of the following parking placards depending on their disability:

  • A short term parking placard.
  • A long term parking placard.
  • OR a permanent parking placard.

Visitors may only apply for a short term parking placard.

  • When someone is applying on behalf of a person with a disability for a first application, that individual must show acceptable identification for themselves and for the person with the disability.
  • When applying for your own application, we will need to see a piece of identification.
  • A completed parking placard application approved by a certified medical professional (physician, occupational therapist or physiotherapist)

**We don’t accept old application forms.**

Fine Payments

The Licensing Company can take payment for current tickets as long as you have the yellow/white copy that you receive in the mail of by the police officer. The Licensing Company can also pay overdue fines as long as it is on your motor vehicle file.