Consulate License Requirements:

  • Provide Acceptable Identification (Passport).
  • Have the “Consul” attribute added by Alberta Protocol.
  • Pass a vision screening.
  • Surrender their license from their home country.
    • If the license is not in English a certified translation is required.
    • The license will be returned to the Consulate office once Motor vehicles are done their verification.
  • There is no fee to switch to the Alberta License.
  • A medical signed off by a physician may be required if there is an existing medical condition that may affect driving.

Consulate Plate Requirements:

  • Have the “Consul” attribute added by Alberta Protocol.
  • Provide Acceptable identification (Valid Passport or AB License).
  • Provide Ownership.
    • Bill of sale or registration from another jurisdiction must be original.
  • Provide Valid Insurance.
  • Provide an Alberta Address:

[Client name]
C/O [Country] Consulate
[Alberta consulate address]
[City], Alberta [postal code]

  • The plate has to be ordered from Service Alberta and will take a few days to come in
  • There is a $75 fee to register the vehicle.
  • If your vehicle is coming from another jurisdiction you will have to go through an out of province inspection. Vehicle Inspection Instructions (PDF).

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